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Experts in Irrigation Installation

MondiseJA irrigations design and supply capabilities are supported by experienced irrigation installation teams. Our portfolio of irrigation installations across Pretoria and Johannesburg, ensures we provide a premium installation service, guaranteeing optimum performance and longevity of your irrigation system. We install all types of irrigation systems across all industries.

Irrigation installations for the home – in two easy steps
new-irrigation-system-installation. Our irrigation teams are also able to install small and large irrigation projects in the home and garden. We specialise in all types of sprinkler irrigation installations, including pop-ups and micro sprinklers. We provide a very simple 2 step process to our residential customers.

1. Quote

Using your specifications our staff will develop a product list for your irrigation system and will provide you with a detailed quote.

2. Installation

Once you have approved the quote, our team will come out to perform the installation. Our team of irrigation experts will first mark out the site and conduct dial before you dig assessments before conducting the installation. The whole installation process only takes up to 2 days to complete so you can enjoy the convenience of your new irrigation system in the quickest time possible.

Customised Irrigation System Design

We design all types of irrigation systems

Our experienced system designers are able ensure your system can handle the demands of the peak irrigation season during veraison and harvest, while also supplying the reduced levels of water required at other times.

Common types of irrigation systems we frequently design are:

Centre pivot and linear irrigation systems – Centre pivot and linear irrigation systems irrigate pastures and crops from a canopy that moves through pastures or crops on a self-propelled structure. We are Australia’s leading designer of TL centre pivot and linear irrigator systems and are experts in their design.

Drip irrigation systems – Drip systems are designed to provide water directly to roots of crops via emitters. We design these systems to ensure the maximum benefits of drip irrigation is achieved, namely the water savings achieved by reducing water evaporation and water wastage. We utilise these systems extensively across the agriculture and commercial horticulture markets.

Sprinkler irrigation systems – We design a huge range of sprinkler systems suited to a large range of irrigation requirements including overhead sprinkler systems, sprays or guns installed on risers and travelling irrigators. We design a large range of sprinkler systems across agriculture and municipals and sporting grounds.

Residential irrigation system design – We work closely with homeowners to design irrigation systems for lawns and gardens. We design systems to ensure the optimum level of water is utilised by working with you to determine the layout of your system, the type and number of emitters required, the number of valves required, the mainline and lateral designs, length of the drip tube etc.